BAIB charity campaign successfully ended

The building of the largest community center in Bulgaria , which is located in Stara Zagora, will be repaired and the activities of dozens of schools and amateur groups will continue , thanks to the BAIB charity campaign .
We are happy to announce that the amount required to repair the building, severely damaged by the floods in the summer and autumn of 2014 , was collected . The roof , which is the most urgent , will be repaired within two months. So by the end of the summer the building must be repaired and the activities of over 2,000 children using the center and the library will continue successfully . For proper spending will monitor committee that there will be a BAIB member
We are grateful to all our colleagues , partners and individual donors who have been involved in the campaign. The rescue of ” Rodina” was helped by companies in the insurance industry , including insurance brokers – members BAIB. The success of our campaign is proof that with joint efforts we can help large and important causes. We believe we will do in the future !
Campaign “Save Rodina Culture ” began in November 2014. It was initiated by BAIB instead of the traditional competition ” Insurer of the Year ” because of the natural disasters that have occurred in Bulgaria last year. Because of the new wave disaster in January , the campaign was extended to the end of February.