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Bulstrad recognized the best insurance brokers for 2014

The awarded companies received Graphics Saint Bernard dog, work of prof. Georgi Chapkanov A few days ago “Bulstrad Vienna Insurance…

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More expensive “civil liability” insurance for unwise drivers

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The price of civil liability insurance policies will depend on the behavior of drivers. There will be more expensive insurance…

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Most profitable and most unprofitable insurance companies in Bulgaria

The hail in 2014 seriously reduced the profits of the insurance companies in general around the country, according to final…

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Застрахователни брокери и застрахователи дариха 21 000 лева

Асоциацията на застрахователните брокери връчи 26 дарителски грамоти Българската асоциация на застрахователните брокери (БАЗБ) финализира своята благотворителна кампания за ремонт…

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BAIB reports increse in the insurance business

Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers reported rise in the insurance business. The reason for this is not only the natural…

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