BAIB reports increse in the insurance business

Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers reported rise in the insurance business.
The reason for this is not only the natural disasters that have occurred in the country last year but also the progress of the insurance culture among Bulgarians.

Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers BAIB defined last 2014 year as extremely severe, because of the natural disasters and many hailstorms that have occurred. The year was heavy not only for the many victims but for insurers too..

At a special ceremony BAIB handed certificates for donation to those who have supported the campaign “Save Rodina Culture”. The campaign was initiated by the association instead of the “Insurer of the Year”. Community center “Rodina” has suffered by severe floods during the summer and autumn of 2014, was saved thanks to BAIB charity campaign.

Източник: ТВ БЪлгария ON AIR