Bulstrad recognized the best insurance brokers for 2014

The awarded companies received Graphics Saint Bernard dog, work of prof. Georgi Chapkanov
A few days ago “Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group” gave awards to its close working relationship, insurance brokers, showed the best performance in 2014. The ceremony took place on a special evening named “St. Bernard” passed under the sign of the dog breed St. Bernard – the symbol of the company.
Over the years the breed St. Bernard dogs have helped to save more than 2,000 lives. The dog symbolizes loyalty, friendship, support, assistance – qualities which the company offers its customers.
Most successful partners were given plots of St. Bernard, created by prof. Georgi Chapkanov – Chapa. Graphics were given to each of the winners in different categories, as well one of 16 other prizes – spa weekends, evenings in a wine cellar, and extreme experiences such as paragliding and others.
Two prizes were awarded in the first category for “Best cooperation in insurance” Cargo “. They went to the “Balkan Insurance Brokerage House” Ltd. and “M M Insurance Broker” LTD. The awards bestowed Alicia Minkova Director “Cargo”.
In the category “Best cooperation in insurance” Carrier’s Liability “winner was” Urimeks “LTD.
The award “Best cooperation insurances” Casco “left” Georgiev – 2000 “Ltd. took Hristo Ivanov, Director” Auto Insurance “.
Award in the category “Best cooperation segment” Crop ” got ” FORUKOM Broker “LTD. The award was presented by Angel Kinanov, director of” Agricultural Insurance “.
Award for “Best cooperation in insurance” Travel Assistance “got” NOVIS Broker “LTD.
“Amarant Bulgaria” LTD grabbed the award for “Best cooperation in insurance” Accident. “The award was given by Plamen Zahariev, director of” property insurance and accident insurance. ”
With the prize “Best cooperation in insurance” Construction risks “was awarded” AVVI “LTD. The award was given by Atanas Simeonov, director of” Technical insurance. ”
Three were awarded in the category “Best cooperation in sales of insurance” Responsibilities “-” Vitosha Broker “Ltd.,” MVM 11 “Ltd. and” Evita M Broker “LTD. The awards were bestowed Ralitsa Tabakova, director” Responsibilities “and Plamen Bus Director “Sales”.
Award for “Best cooperation property insurance” grabbed “I & G Insurance Brokers” Ltd. and award bestowed Yancheva Merry, Director General Agency Sofia.
In the category “Best cooperation in property insurance outside of Sofia” winner was “Karoll Standard” LTD. The award handed Ivan Ivanov, Member of the Board of “Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group.”
Rumyana Milanova, board member of “Bulstrad” presented the award for “Best cooperation with leasing broker” “Raiffeisen Insurance Broker” LLC.
In the category “The growth in sales 2013/2014” won “Zenit OSH” LTD.
Winner in the category “Best collection of premiums” became “Banking Act Flag Ins” Ltd., the award handed Ivo Gruev, board member of the insurance company.
Award in the category “Sales of all products” Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group “personally handed Rumen Yanchev, Chairman and CEO to the winner” Broker Ins “LTD. “This is a new award categories. Our goal is to do everything possible to enrich the range of products. Perhaps some of you know that the company is offering about 115 different types of insurance. There are many opportunities, of course, there is a lot of work, but with joint actions and training we will “fly together,” so I am happy to give this award, “said Rumen Yanchev when awarding the prize.
Special award for “The original joint product” go to “SDI Group Ltd.”. The award was presented by Christoph Rath, a member of the Board and CEO of “Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group.”