More expensive “civil liability” insurance for unwise drivers

The price of civil liability insurance policies will depend on the behavior of drivers. There will be more expensive insurance “civil liability” for foolish drivers. Starting in June, the insurance companies will send data about the accidents to the Guarantee Fund. The creation of a common base will enable bonuses and appreciations to top drivers and increase of the price of the insurance for violators.
Insurers now offer different prices on the policies. For novice drivers up to 25 years Civil Liability insurance is more expensive compared to experienced drivers. The idea of making the price higher is to punish those who cause accidents, cannot work yet. The reason is that each insurer handling its data, and when a company raises the price for an unreasonable driver, he simply moved to another company.
The willingness of the insurers is to create a single data system that can be used by all and the prices depend on the behavior of drivers.
The aim is to discipline of the unwise drivers and encourage those who abide by the rules. For people who have no accidents for years, that sounds fair.
According to experts, the introduction of a mandatory system of incentives and sanctions by “liability” insurance policy will have effect only if the base is general and the insurance is made on the name of the driver.
The new system can become binding when the database is complete and they are compared with those of the traffic police department.

Source TV7