BAIB’s Statute provides operation of two standing and open numbers of specialized committees. The founding meeting of the Association appointed members of the standing committees:

The General Assembly appointed the following members of the Supervisory Committee: Mr. Yordan Velev – Executive Director of ZBK Balkan AD, Mr. Ivan Donchev – Director of Marins International OOD and Mr. Angel Kraychev – Chairman of the Board of Directors of EFKO Group AD.

The General Assembly appointed the following members of the Ethics Committee: Mr. Krassimir Stankov, Director of Arista Brokers OOD, Ms Iveta Kunova, Director of Instrade Insurance Broker EOOD and Ms Maria Geneva, Director of Abacus Broker OOD. For substitute members of the Ethics Committee were appointed Mr. Stefan Enchev – Director of Broker Ins OOD and Mr. Tihomir Stanev – Director of Insurance Broker TT Ins EOOD.

In accordance with the Management Board’s proposal the following specialized committees were established:

Legal Committee with Chairman Monica Minkova – Director of Renomia OOD;

Budget and Finance Committee with Chairman Rumen Galabinov – Director of Greco GLT Bulgaria EOOD;

Relations with the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) and the Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABI), chaired by Nikolay Zdravkov – Managing Partner of I & G Insurance Brokers OOD;

Relations with international organizations with Chairman Ivan Donchev – Director of Marins International EOOD;

Public Relations and Media with Chairman Kolio Delev – Partner of SDI Group OOD;

Training and professional qualification with Chairman – Yanaki Yanakiev Director of Amarant Bulgaria OOD.