Thank you letter

On the behalf of the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers (BAIB) and in the role of BAIB Chairman I express my deepest gratitude for your participation in the BAIB charity campaign “Save Rodina Culture”. Your support has proven that with united efforts we can accomplish great and noble causes.

We have called you for your help at difficult times for the entire insurance industry, when you had to deal with the consequences of the ongoing natural disasters in the country. Despite your major efforts to help hundreds of your injured clients, you agreed to help to those who were not insured. So we showed that insurance for us is not just a business, but a mission and a cause – to help.

Thanks to all of you the largest community center – “Rodina – 1860” in Stara Zagora will be saved. Thanks to you it will continue to develop and help many school programs and amateur groups involving over 2,000 people. Thanks to you, an institution with over 150 years of history will continue to exist and to preserve Bulgarian culture and traditions.

Thanks to all of you – members of BAIB and insurance companies that participated in our campaign.